The Institute provides academic and infrastructure resources that refresh and stimulate at the same.

The college is situated in its own premises. It has wellfurnished classrooms; a computer lab with a projector and internet; a staff room with internet facility and a conference room. The students are taught by well qualified staff.

Classrooms-The Study Dens

The entire classroom at the institutes are well furnished and fully equipped with necessary tools and equipments, to facilitate effecting teaching and learning.

Library-The treasure of Books

The purpose of the library resources centre at the campus is to make available for the students. The college library has rich collection of specialized books, National and International journals, magazines and periodicals related to management.

Computer Lab-The Global Centre

A well equipped computer centre provides all the required software and hardware along with internet connectivity for students to work effectively and efficiently. The college trains the students in computer operation skills and encourages them to use these for academic purpose.

Audio Video Conference Room

The institute has well furnished audio-video hall, conference hall with a seating capacity of more than 100 and audio visual projector, presentation facilities.

Accommodation and Canteen

Hostel accommodation is available for out station students with basic facilities and in house canteen facilities offer hygienic clean food and water.

Sports and the Cultural Stroke-Beyond Studies

Sprawling lawns, garden and sports facilities provide like cricket, chess, carom, table tennis, football and etc. Institute offer various outlets for refresh the students after a heavy day work. Institutes also offer gymnasium facilities for better health to faculties and students.